Quality is not just a way of fulfilling requirements or creating a system, it is a pivotal foundation for the durability and visibility of our company, a vector of progress and continuous improvement. Responsibility, Rigour and Reactivity are the foundations of our quality policy.

Responsibility: safety for your assemblies

Constantly attune to the safety and security issues and constraints related to your projects, DELTA METAL has based its organization on the involvement of each employee ensuring compliance with the rules and requirements of your orders. Quality awareness and the ongoing professional training of our teams are confirmation of this search for optimum quality.

Rigour: strive for excellence

Our quality system, the special procedures in place, the effective means of control available, and the monitoring established by the director employing relevant performance indicators, allow us to provide you with products that fulfil the most rigorous requirements. In every case, and without compromise in this matter, it is always the safest solutions that are retained. The selection of steels, choice of process, control plan, etc. Every decision related to the manufacture is instilled with the rigour required to ensure your orders are fulfilled smoothly and successfully.

Reactivity: adapt to your requirements

Without yielding any of the necessary rigour and responsibility, DELTA METAL knows how to adapt its manufacture to your requirements - offering you the best solution to ensure your company remains economically relevant. For each requirement, an efficient and adapted response to guarantee that your needs will be best served.

The project management team optimally adapts to your specifications and deploys appropriate solutions and answers.

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